If you would like me to quote your next project, please send an email to mail@stefanieschneeberger.com with the following details:

● Project/client name
● Project brief or individual image markups
● Number of images and low resolution previews (if available)
● Schedules, turnaround times, deadlines
● Expected image usage (print or digital) or output resolution.
● Grading references (if applicable)
● File formats to be supplied to me and desired file format for final files.

I understand that you may not have all these details available when you need a project quoted. The more information you can provide, the more accurately I can estimate a fee.

Once your enquiry is received, an estimate based on required hours and an overview of inclusions will be provided.

Alternatively, if a budget has been set – please include this information along with detailed briefing notes and image previews.

To secure specific dates for a future booking, please email mail@stefanieschneeberger.com for advance booking fees and processes.